Time for Tarot. The Knight of Wands.


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The Knight of Wands.

This has to be one of my favourite cards. If you find this card in you reading it’s a heads up for a dash of excitement. The Knight of Wands often signifies travel, a journey that takes you to fresh places where you will learn new things. This knight exudes energy, courage and creativity.
Overall this card always makes me think of speed, something happening in a hurry, and along with that there is a kind of reckless quality about it. You won’t hang about thinking through the situation or its implications because the Knight of Wands has the quality of impulsiveness to it. Some people are happy with that ‘devil may care’ attitude, but others find it rather scary. If you are someone who prefers to analyse things before you act this card can let you know you are in for a bit of a shake up.

Until now I have kept the qualities of the cards I’ve shown here at a fairly light level, but as I was asked about reverse card meanings and I’ve decided to include some of those meanings too.

Some people tend to think reverse card meanings are always bad, but they are not all bad news. Sadly, if you get the Knight of Wands upside down in a reading he can signify delays in your plans, frustrations and problems bringing an idea to fruition.

Do let me know what you think of my ideas about the Knight of Wands.

Many thanks for reading.

Daisy Banks




8 thoughts on “Time for Tarot. The Knight of Wands.

  1. I got 3 of Wands reversed, but also the Queen of Wands – which tells me to listen to and develop my strong inner feminine – then Justice, then lastly the Wheel of Fortune. So far no fortune has dropped in my lap!

  2. Ooh I’ve had several reversed cards in the last couple month’s readings my Ava Trudy on YouTube. Sometimes they are actually a blessing rather than a curse. they can indicate something not yet done or complete or something you’re not ready for yet but working toward achieving.

  3. I love your description. I want to get this card in a reading now!! I tend to focus on the major Arcana as ‘the’ cards to watch out for but I see I am going to have to put that view aside 🙂

    • Thanks for commenting, Elsa. The major cards are something to watch for, that is true, and they carry more weight in a reading than the minor cards. There meanings are what I think of as fundamentals. The minor cards give a little bit of room for manoeuvre. I do like the court cards. They each seem to have a personality hence why this one is such a favourite of mine.

  4. Studying the image of the card you post here, I think you made a perfect description of the meaning: daring, impetuous. perhaps reckless sometimes,unwise. I greatly thank you for explaining the reverse meaning! I like the idea of energy and creativity too.
    I convinced my daughters they should bring me a pack of cards as a gift as you suggested. Until then, meaning next year unfortunately, I try to study the cards and I find your explanations easy to understand. Do you have an archive with more cards on your blog?

    • Hi Carmen. Thank you for commenting and what a good idea. I hadn’t intended to have a seperate achive for the tarot posts but I can create one. I’ll try to get it set up for
      next week when I’ll post another card. Thanks for the suggestion.

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