A little bit of history.


At present I am writing a story set in the Regency era and as I want to get all the details right I am doing some research. Look at this image above. It is exquisite work and all hand sewn. I wonder how long such work took and how the seamstress managed with no artificial light. I wonder how often this gown was worn, perhaps once only.

Victorian ribbon tape

As my chapter yesterday sent my character off to order a new set of clothes I found myself wondering how she might be measured and discovered measuring sticks were used for lengths of fabric and measuring ribbons for her size. This is a pretty antique measuring ribbon and as you can see there is a loop so it could be attached to a chatelaine if required.

In an era when all garments were made by hand, stockings, stays, shoes, gowns and gloves, it isn’t surprising any Regency Miss could spend hours with her seamstress in the ordering of gowns, the examination of fabrics and adornments and of course, lace.

There will be more on my regency heroine shortly.

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Daisy Banks


8 thoughts on “A little bit of history.

  1. Regency period is glamorous and full of elegance and achievements in the fine arts. The more we must appreciate the work of the gifted hands if we think under what conditions these exquisite clothes were made. These seamstresses were real experts. The same as Genevieve who dealt with embroidery for the priests’ clothes.

  2. I love period clothing and admire all of the detailed work that went into creating those beautiful gowns and under garments. I have a hard time just sewing on a missing button and rarely even attempt that any more (thank God for dry cleaners!). Enjoy your weekend, Daisy!

    • Thanks for commenting, Caren. I know the women who made such beautiful things suffered. I’ve seen the lamps they used. The ones with glass globes filled with water to try to
      boost the illumination. I can’t imagine how hard someone must have worked to create that beautiful embroidery on the sheer fabric for that gown.

  3. I just love period cloths! If you come across anything during the Victorian era I’d be very interested in that as well 🙂 I find research a bit challenging working out if I have gone deep enough or not. Interesting post as usual Daisy, hope you are having a good day!!

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