Meet my character blog hop.

This Monday I am participating in the Meet My Character Blog Hop.


Last week the fabulous Pam Turner Pam Turner  offered her character Taylor McWhorter to the blog hop. A lovely Scottish lass and you can find out more about here here.

This week is it my turn and I have chosen to introduce you to a wicked villain from my paranormal story Timeless, published by Lyrical Press, A Kensington Imprint.



What is the name of your character? Is he fictional or a historic person?

The fictional character is Franklyn Gorsewell. He is the owner and director of Gorsewell Productions, a company specializing in filming music DVD’s. He appears in Timeless as he is Sian’s boss and mentor. Franklyn prefers to use existing properties for film shoots and will pay well for the right kind of venue.

When and where is the story set?
The story is contemporary. The action is set in one of the southern counties of England, in a fictional place called Darnwell, but there are parts of Timeless where the characters visit London too.

What should we know about him?
Franklyn is a character with many flaws. He is the individual I hope all readers love to loathe. His obsession with Sian is a direct threat to her relationship with the man she wants to stay with. Franklyn is quite ruthless in his attempt to force Sian to return to London.

What is the main conflict? What messes up his life?
The main conflict occurs when Sian meets Magnus Johansson the owner of the baroque mansion situated outside the village of Darnwell. Franklyn’s violent effort to coerce Sian to return from Darnwell to London backfires badly and leads to horror and his hospitalization. While he is in hospital he discovers a new and greater danger than he ever believed possible.

What is the personal goal of the character?
Franklyn’s main goal is to control Sian and to continue the process of molding his muse into the perfect woman. Franklyn’s secondary goal is to continue the growth and success of Gorswell productions.

Where can we read more about this novel?
The title of the story is Timeless, published by Lyrical Press, A Kensington Imprint.

The reason I picked Franklyn Gorsewell is that he appears in the sequel to Timeless, To Eternity, due out in January next year with Lyrical Press.

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Their love will be eternal, the legend says…if they survive.
Lonely and forced into a life of secrecy, four hundred-year-old Magnus finds Sian–
the sexy music film producer who’s working in his house–tough to ignore. As she resists his
alter ego when he invades her dreams to seduce her, her innate powers astound him and his
need only grows. In dreams or reality, he’s determined to make her his. She is meant for him
Independent, hard-working Sian has hopes and plans for the future that include the
stately house at Darnwell. Not its aloof owner. She’s there to acquire the home for a video
shoot, nothing more. By day, each layer she explores in Magnus’s grand old home with him
leads her deeper into love. But by night, he seduces her in her dreams, gives her ecstasy like
she’s never known. Then she learns his secret: Come the full moon, she is the only one who
can control his wolf curse. First though, she has to survive it.
Content Warning: Highly sensual with intense sexual encounters.

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  1. Lovely insight in your character’s goals and what hinders him in reaching them. A book worth the TBR pile.

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