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Welcome to Sexy Snippet Sunday thanks to Nuthouse Scribblers. Each week a varied group of authors take up the challenge of giving you 7 sexy sentences from either a work in progress or a published work. This week my 7 come from my paranormal romance


published by Lyical Press.

If you click on the link above or the grid below you can discover more Sexy Snippets from other authors. Please do comment if you can and enjoy.


Holy Angels, not now!
She paced about the room, nodding. “Fabulous, just the kind of thing I want.” Her eyes sparkled as she took in the massive four-poster bed with its elaborate drapes, and she snapped more photographs. She tapped out a quick set of notes on the hand held computer, and he enjoyed her concentration.
The delicate form of her features intrigued, at odds with her rather brash manner. He forced himself to observe because if he didn’t, the tortuous images of her minus her bizarre outfit might take control and he’d make them a savage reality.


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