Fantasy Tales

Thanks to all for good wishes for yesterday. Today I’m posting about two of my books.

One kind of story I love reading and writing is fantasy.

I love worlds of myth and magic, and the way they can impact on ordinary life. Presently there are two fantasy books of mine available. I’ve added a snippet from each under the cover. If you like the snippet and want to see more click the cover to buy.


New cover for Fiona's Wish 

Fiona’s Wish.

The crunch of steps on gravel a little way off caused a flash of warning but he shook it away. He’d nothing to fear in his man’s skin. Peering around the corner of the rock shelf to the wide expanse of the beach, he stared at the solitary figure sauntering across the sands.
A snap of sensation crackled, raising gooseflesh on his skin. Here, lost in a sorrow he could feel, wandered his beguiling temptation. He’d found the cause and the answer to his need.
Her hair flew behind her like a gilded sail caught in the breeze. She turned so the wind made a tangle of the long tresses before blowing them back from her face, a tearful face, with the appeal of the loveliest corals. The delicate features spun some unseen magic, and without a doubt he knew her fair skin would be softer than the moss clinging to the rocks where he lay.
The precious salt taste of her tears wound its way to him on the breeze. No woman this exquisite should weep uncomforted.
Saddened, yet enticed by her, he watched her raise her hand to try to capture the length of her hair in an effort to still its flitting strands.
She gazed out to the sea, the other hand shading her eyes. Motionless, she remained with the long tresses weaving about her, buffeted by the breeze, allowing him time to drink in her form. The shapely hips and her lush curves ensnared him. Her air of unfulfilled sorrow brought tears to his eyes.
Here stood the most treasured of quests: love.


    Valentine's Wishes-high-res

Valentine Wishes.

“Are yer feeling all right?” he asked as he sat up, and reached out to where she knelt. He slid the blue gown up from around her neck and over her head.
She nodded, suddenly too shy to say a word while his slow gaze followed the contours of her body, and her nipples throbbed.
“Do yer remember it all?” he asked, and wrapped an arm around her. He guided her down next to him and pulled the cape over them.
“Yes, the wish went wrong and the mortals all got muddled up,” she murmured. Tears sparked hot because she remembered more, and the memory bloomed to send sweet waves of sensation racing over her to spark the need for him to touch her and kiss her again.
“I don’t mean the mortals, my bud,” he said and breathed against her throat kissing chills into her skin.
She gave a little whimper as he placed more soft kisses against her ear, breathed warm on her neck, and made her shivers much more intense. She slipped her arms around the warmth of his body to enjoy his embrace and hardly dare hope for what might come next. “Aye, I remember. We both drank the punch and yer said yer loved me.”
“And yer promised to love me not just last night but today too,” he said touching under her chin so she must meet his bright gaze.
“I did.” Tears stung her eyes because he must know, as she did, the wish had melted away. “I’m sorry, Cedar, so very sorry.” She still loved him but he might no longer love her. And he’d know now what she’d done. He might be angry she’d wished and tricked him into love. “Forgive me, please? I promise I’ll never make another wish like it.”


Thanks for reading.

Daisy Banks