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I use these posts to talk about specific tarot cards and the meanings they can have in readings. I sometimes associate them with bits from books too. As last week’s card was scary I thought today we could look at a card with a calmer influence.

tarot the star


The Star is one of the major cards and brings with it a hopeful message. This card brings a kind of serenity, all is well or will be well, there is success in the air for plans you may have and you are on the right track. This is a very positive card in any reading. But once more there is the Elvish in me that says, the positive nature of The Star is something you may find illusory unless you harness its power in the practical world.

I would love to hear your opinion on my thoughts about The Star. Do let me know.


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Daisy Banks



10 thoughts on “Time for Tarot.

  1. Interesting! I must confess my ignorance in Tarot. I’d have liked to be able to read it. However, I read info regarding the meanings of certain cards. I understand there’s also a connection between a card, like the star, and the sign you are born under. The Star is governing Aquarius sign. My sign, Capricorn is governed by another one, but being born on the Capricorn-Aquarius Cusp I hope the Star will cast its positive influence over me too.

    • Thanks for commenting, Carmen. Some people link tarot to astrology, either by the suits of the lesser cards, or by major cards. Some readers work on an astrological
      framework for readings, too. If I read I use the traditional Celtic Cross pattern, or the three or even one card technique.
      I can understand why you’d feel an afinity to The Star with you Aquarius link. I hope it brought you some of that peaceful energy.

  2. Interesting that I looked at this today after receiving a call that might mean promising news in regards to one of my books. Can’t say anything now and nothing my come of it, but the Star card just may be a favorable sign. I like your interpretation.

    • Thanks for commenting, Gordon. I hope the star brings you good news. Remember though you have to channel those energies and make them work on a practical level. 🙂

  3. I don’t practice or follow Tarot, so I can’t really comment in that respect, but the card looks very calming with beautifully serene colors!

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