Time for Tarot. The Tower. Change is in the air.

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Tarot the Tower

The Tower-the Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti

Today I’ve chosen a card that many people are afraid of when they see it. The image is quite scary I agree. So are the fears justified? My answer is a bit Elvish as I’d say both yes and no. The Tower is one of the major cards and when it appears its a heads up.

The Tower gives you a strong hint things may be about to change. Not all of us are happy with changes and sometimes it can take a while to adapt or to recognise the change helped in some way. Not all change is bad. There are times when the best course of action is to go with the changes.

When I see the Tower in a reading it makes me look at things and evaluate circumstances. The Tower can symbolise the discovery of a truth unknown and in a way that’s a good thing because if you know the truth you can deal with it.

Think of the Tower as a card offering you a word of advice to be aware that things can change and you need to be ready to deal with altered situations. I’d love to know your thoughts on this card and if you agree with my thinking about it. Let me know.


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2 thoughts on “Time for Tarot. The Tower. Change is in the air.

  1. Yes, I agree with what you said about the tower telling us of change to come and that change can be a good thing sometimes. I think the scariness comes in when we feel powerless concerning the change, as if it’s caused by forces outside us that we can’t control. To think of one’s life being torn down as the tower crumbles is eerie. It’s like standing on nothing. New growth always occurs though, and we can try and keep that in mind. Thanks for your tarot posts! I really like them.

    • Thanks for commenting, Flossie. I agree with you about the uncertainty of change and you are right new things come to replace the old.
      It just takes a little time.

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