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Welcome to this weeks Tuesday Treat. Today I am very pleased to welcome back Elle Rush with her treat from her book Drama Queen. In the spirit of Tuesday Treats Elle has a memorable first for us. Thanks for blogging here, Elle.

As an additional bonus treat this week you’ll find me blogging over at Elle’s blog today. Just click the Tuesday Treat image.




There are a lot of fun firsts when you start a new relationship: first date, first kiss, first time. Then when the shine wears off the relationship, you get to the not-so-fun firsts – first time apart, first fight, and potentially the worst of them all…

First time you meet your significant other’s parents.

Granted, most of them aren’t Ben Stiller bad, but they are all stressful. And if your honey is completely “Oh, I’m not going to worry about it. They can like me or kiss my butt but I’m not going to try to impress them” you’ve got other problems.

Personally, my first time meeting the parents went well. Of course, I sweated through two tops before I even left my house but everybody was very pleasant. And instead of sitting around in the living after supper suffering some awkward conversation, they pulled out a set of dominos. Instant conversation and fun. It was a genius move on their part.

In “Drama Queen”, Russ and Layla weren’t that lucky but you’ll have to read it to discover why. I will share this tidbit from their first date:

She was in jeans and a blouse. Jeans. She hadn’t been on a date in two years and now she was dressed like she was ready for a big night out at Chuck E. Cheese. She wasn’t even wearing more than minimal make-up after all the crud she’d had on her face all day. Russ wouldn’t let her go change into something dressier. He said she was perfect. The man was an idiot.

He was also sneaky. When she asked “Perfect for what?” he wouldn’t tell. “Trust me,” he said. So she did. It was easier than she expected, trusting him. She was just as out of practice at that as she was at dating. Besides, it was only dinner. It wasn’t like he could orchestrate some kind of major betrayal after a week at arm’s length. He hadn’t gotten nearly close enough to do that and if he were going to he would have sold the Jeremy Bowen escapade to the papers. Tonight would be fine.

They ended up at a hole-in-the-wall Mexican place miles from any landmark she recognized. The restaurant was a stand-alone building beside a community center and across from a strip mall. The entire neighborhood screamed “suburbia”. Layla was afraid that if she rolled down the windows, she’d hear banjos. There was a reason she lived in Marina del Ray.

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Layla Andrews isn’t really a bitch – she just plays one on television. For the last eighteen months, she’s acted like one in real life too while she was forced to serve probation for something she didn’t do. Now the Queen of Olympus has done her time and she’s ready to start living again … but she’s forgotten how.

Russ Vukovick, the show’s fight coordinator, had been attracted to Layla since the first time he saw her. Recently he’s caught glimpses of a new side of her – one that makes her irresistible. But as he gets closer to her, he also sees more of what she hides beneath the mask she wears.

As Layla and Russ try to navigate their new relationship, families, danger and secrets work against them at every turn. Can they find a true happily-ever-after when they are surrounded by lies?

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Bio: Elle Rush is a Canadian romance author from Winnipeg, Manitoba. When she’s not travelling, she’s hard at work writing her contemporary romance eBooks which are set all over the world. Elle earned a degree in Spanish and French, barely passed German, and is starting to learn Italian and Filipino. She has flunked poetry in every language she’s ever taken. She also has mild addictions to tea, cookbooks and the sci-fi channel. The easiest way to keep up with her it to sign up for her free newsletter but you can also find her at her website, on Twitter, Goodreads and Pinterest.and Pinterest.


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