A Tuesday Treat from me.

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Welcome to today’s Tuesday Treat and for today I’m offering the treat from my new book A Perfect Match.

I’ve chosen the first time Anwell sees an image of Varon.




“My lady, you will do what all high-born Astan ladies would do if so ordered. You’ll agree to the will of the Carnag and marry the commander. I don’t fully understand the reasons behind the marriage, but a refusal is impossible.” Raisa took the cup from her and thrust a news link image into her hand. “This is the commander.”
Anwell stared at the creased and faded image. She swallowed hard. He wasn’t gray-haired and old. He might even have appeared handsome, if it weren’t for the scowl.
Oh my.
She closed her eyes. “When? Do you know when it’s to take place?”
“Tomorrow, the ceremony will be at dawn in the Temple. I believe the whole of the Carnag body will be present.”
“No! It’s far too soon. It’s barbaric to expect me to marry him tomorrow. I won’t even have chance to make a final devotion in the Temple. Am I to be treated with no more thought than the purchase of a new Netherling companion for his house? What must he think?”
“Be calm, mistress,” Raisa whispered. “A Temple adept accepts what the gods bring her. Is that not the first premise you learned in this house?”
Anwell gave a small nod.
“Then you must accept the gods have brought you Commander Varon.”




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  1. Very nice, Daisy! She definitely has her mind set against him at this point. I love the premise of an “arranged” marriage for a novel.

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