Sexy Snippet Sunday

Sexy Snippets Sunday

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Welcome to Sexy Snippet Sunday thanks to Nuthouse

Scribblers. Click the image above to link to the other 9 authors taking part this week in the 7 sentence challenge.


This week I’ve chosen 7 sentences from my story with Liquid Silver Books, A Gentleman’s Folly.

Kitty tasted the light, whipped confection licking it from the spoon. A fresh grin crossed Charles’ features. Had they dined alone, his expression would have lured her to much more lively conversation. Good Lord, he was appealing, would be so very rich, and at that particular moment had to be the most desirable thing she’d ever seen seen.

He offered her a wink. The ache of her unfulfilled needs sprang up again, a savage tigress to gnaw her. So powerful was the surge of desire it took all her will to rein in her responses to his dark, enticing eyes.


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