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Welcome to Sexy Snippets this week.

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My snippet today comes from a story published by Liquid Silver Books. A Gentleman’s Folly. This historical tale was great fun to write. I hope you enjoy this sexy snippet.


This luscious, lovely creature, who now slept like the innocents spoken of in church, would prove the most expensive wench he’d ever had should he touch her.How she tempted him though, with skin soft and fragrant as a flower, a face as perfect as any artist could wish, and a body crafted by the demons of hell to delight manly senses across the known world.

To have her?

A month gone he’d have promised her half his fortune for a night’s dalliance. But that was before he understood how close his inheritance was to being won or lost. Today, with ripe plans of fulfilling all his uncle’s stipulations—to arrive home with a bride, one with child and swelling—the prize stood almost in his grasp, and he’d become more judicious. Lovely as Katherine was, canny too, she’d not part him from more of his money than he’d already agreed to give her.

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