Time for Tarot. Ten of Pentacles.

Ten of pentacles

I find the tarot very interesting and some tarot readings can be deeply informative. I know several friends also find them fascinating so I decided to share some of my ideas about the tarot. Do remember the cards don’t tell you future, they show you possiblities, your actions make your future.

The card I have picked today is a card that appeared in a reading of mine very recently. I must say I was pleased to see.

Pentacles are associated with earthly things, I always think of them as having an afinity with money or material things we all need.

Look at the card, and along with the yellow circles that look much like gold coins you see here the symbols of comfort and stability. The elderly man with his dogs, the well dressed couple and child. Every thing about this card speaks to me of stability.

This card isn’t referencing a windfall it is showing the development of a fixed state of affairs, something long lasting and settled.

So even though the card doesn’t imply I’ll win the lotter soon, it does show an adequate sufficency.

This card, depending on where it falls in a reading can denote, a period of good health, success in partnership matters or even a raise in salary.

Overall a good card to have and one with a very positive influence.

Thanks for reading.

Daisy Banks

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