This is my Tuesday Treat.

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Welcome to Tuesday Treat .

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 Tuesday Treats are all about firsts in romances, first look, first touch, first kiss, first caress and so on. My guests have given you lots of kisses, lingering looks, tender first touches, and one or two have gone a little further with their firsts.

So far, no one has offered you another classic first for any loving couple. Their first real argument.

Remember yours with your love? Did it hurt? Did you cry? I remember mine with my love. Once my temper had cooled, I got the shakes, just like a hypo except it wasn’t. I couldn’t believe I could get so mad at a person I loved. Was your make up scene good? Sweet? Tender? Do you recall it still? I’ll bet you do.

Today I have decided to offer you a Tuesday Treat from my forthcoming book

A Perfect Match.

Due out this Thursday.

This Tuesday Treat is taking you to another place with a couple in a dangerous futuristic world. Both of them have strong feelings about one issue that is very important to them. Fireworks result.



She would not let him ignore her longer. “I’d like to talk about your proposed journey and your promise.”
He took a pace back. “Anwell, I know what you’re going to say. You can’t come with me.” He put his hand up, as she opened her mouth to speak. “No, don’t begin this,” he said. “While I’ve no wish to break any promise to you, even one lured from me during sex. I can’t take you with me on such an extended trip.”
“Why not?!”
“Don’t be foolish. Conditions on ship are unlike anything you’ve ever known. I won’t subject you to it.”
“I want to go. You said you would take me to visit the land of the Netherlings. Why can’t I go with you on this trip?”
He shook his head, and picked up a water jug from a tray. He poured two cups and offered her one. “A half day jaunt is very different from a year away. Also, I don’t wish to be unkind, but you’re not qualified to go.”
She refused the water and eyed him. “That wouldn’t matter. I’d be with you.”
He laughed. “I’ll be working twice as hard as usual to locate what Brandon wants. I won’t have the time to tutor you.”
Something, a sensation she couldn’t recall ever feeling before, bubbled in her chest. If she didn’t speak, she’d explode. “That’s it, then? Even though you’ll be gone so long, you won’t take me?”
“Maybe another time I can take you. When the trip isn’t so long and the outcome isn’t so important to us.”
Yes, she should understand. She turned away and nipped at her finger. Part of what he said was true. Yes, she wasn’t qualified as a crew member. But no! Her stomach churned. She spun back to face him. Tonight she wouldn’t be ignored or pacified by logic and his reasoning. Even if he damned well is right, it all feels wrong. He should at least want to take her with him. “You have the choice of personnel,” she said. “There must be something. Why can’t I be part of your crew?”
He sighed and took a drink from his cup. “Because you’ve spent the last eight years in the Temple, your life dedicated to prayer and the gods. Such experience won’t be of any use on my ship.”
She took a step away from the edge in his voice. The puddle of confusion swelled. Against all she had learned in the Temple and every stricture of her faith in the gods, anger, a thing she could scarce admit to herself, continued to rise. How could he leave her at the mercy of Chardel? He knew she might not be safe. Didn’t it matter they were married, and one? How could they be one if he were so far away? “I would think having someone trained to offer prayers to the gods would be very useful on such a mission as yours.”
“Don’t be ridiculous,” he said.
“How dare you call my life in the temple ridiculous!”
“I didn’t! I said it’s foolish to think my crew might need a prayer chanter.”
“How do you know? They might be glad of one,” she yelled across the room, restraint slipping out of her control. Her hands shook. She tried to remember the worst bad word she’d ever heard as a child, and couldn’t. “As ever, you think you know everything about everyone. It’s unfair.”
“Not the point. My decision is made. You stay here. You continue the good work you’ve begun. Your presence in the Carnag will further our cause.”
“I’m not your speaker!”
“Too right. I’d hope for an individual with more sense than you’re showing. You’ve no reason to be so annoyed.” His lips formed a thin line.
“What! When I want to be with you on this trip? As I should be, not left behind like a piece of lost luggage. I’m your wife.”
“Then behave like it.”
Her tear filled vision turned his scowl into a jagged mishmash. “You think I should be just like a good little pleasure slave and accept everything you say? I have my own opinions. I want to be with you on this journey. It’s important.”
He held a palm up. “Anwell, I don’t wish to discuss this more. You’re not talking sense. You’re being illogical and over emotional.”
“No, I’m not. I just want you to listen to me.”
“I have listened, and my answer is no. I’ll not be forced to cancel a mission because you find privations on the ship too much to bear. You stay here. If that’s not good enough for you, I can send you to the house in the mountains. You can live however you wish there until I return.”
The words rocked her sense of reality. “You’d send me away?”
“I’ve more important things to worry about than the notions you have of our life together. Other wives don’t go with their husbands to work. Not one of my crew will be accompanied by his wife!”

I am being rather mean by not showing you how this couple finally make up. Believe me, their fiery exchange has a very surprising conclusion.




Daisy Banks whisks you into a futuristic world, where you might fight for water, or offer up your freedom and become a slave for the promise of enough to drink.
Passion and politics ripple through A Perfect Match where the enmity between the government leader, Lord Chardel and Commander Varon, head of the Astan water acquirement fleet, is at flashpoint. The enforced marriage of Anwell Nastor, a young Temple adept, to Commander Varon, not only breaks Astan religious rules, but could break untried hearts. This cruel ploy meant to silence Varon’s opposition to current circumstances in the city-state brings unexpected results. Through careful manipulation of the news links, Varon and his bride become the city’s most adored couple, but danger shadows their steps.

Join Anwell and Varon as they discover the power of A Perfect Match on their perilous journey in a world full of dangers and political intrigue.

A Perfect Match is being published by Taliesin Publishing and will be available on Thursday 3rd of July 2014.

Find Daisy Banks here:

Twitter @DaisyBanks12



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