Special News and a Special Week.

This is my 200th post on the blog. What a brilliant way to start a very special week. There is so much happening I thought I’d get you all ready and set up for it.

There will be lots of opportunities for you to comment, so please do.

My first news is: I am thrilled to be featured in Kayelle Allen’s Romance Lives Forever Magazine, in the Arts Section. Click the link to see.

Kayelle img.paper.li                    http://paper.li/kayelleallen/1349530261

A_Perfect_Match-Daisy_Banks-500x800 On Thursday this week, 3rd of July my new story

                                   A Perfect Match will go on sale. I will be celebrating 

                                 the release at Romance Lives Forever. Do join me.


                                      This week’s Tuesday Treat will be by me and  nice strawberry lady

                                      feature a first from A Perfect Match.

July feverThis month I am taking part in Sofia Grey’s July Fever

                                         blog celebration of all thing summer and sexy. You’ll see the

                                        button on my post here throughout July. There are lots of

                                        prizes on offer, including two copies of my book

                                        A Perfect Match.

                    July will be a fabulous exciting month.


6 thoughts on “Special News and a Special Week.

  1. Wow, Daisy, July will be your month! Lots going on, and I look forward to your book. July is my deadline, and mine is scheduled to come out in September– so I know how hectic the constant writing cycle is. We barely have time to celebrate our releases and successes, but please take the time to do so. You deserve it! http://flossiebentonrogers.com

  2. this is exciting news! I am anxious to read this one, to see how you brought it all along as I KNOW it began so well!

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