What is the best bit?

My musings when someone asked me what I like best about writing.

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During a recenct conversation someone asked me what I enjoyed most about writing, was it being published, or having people know my name? I hope you won’t think me cruel but I laughed at both suggestions.

Yes, I am rather chuffed as we say in the UK about being a published author, and especially so as the publishers I’ve been lucky to be accepted by are well respected in the industry. But, in truth that’s not the best thing about writing.

Regarding lots of people knowing my name, well I’d say a few might do. I was surprised when a woman in a bank once told me she’d heard of me, then I realised she meant the caravan park which has the same name as me. So, no lots of people knowing my name isn’t what I think is the best thing about writing.

From my very first attempts to construct a story the best bit is working on one, writing, creating, letting my imagination fly. I love it when I can glance at the clock and find several hours have passed as I have been lost in the world of my story. This is the best part of writing, the activity I enjoy most. This weekend, after an incredible hectic few weeks, I have booked some time for me to write. I hope the muse is with me.

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4 thoughts on “What is the best bit?

    • Today is a bit wobbly with lots of other things shoving to the forefront. Tomorrow will be mine.
      This is the first time I’ve experienced this wait for time. I have to say it’s a challenge.

  1. So very well said, Daisy. The first and only time a girl recognized me, I couldn’t stop squealing with delight, but at the end of the day, we write because we can’t not write!

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