Thursday and a little more.

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Guards faced him in the foyer. Three times as many as might be found on a normal duty roster. Not members of the city guard these. They who bore the green flash on their uniforms proclaiming them the elite force devoted to the protection of Lord Chardel.
One swift glance and he tensed for a quick exit. The double doors behind him slammed shut.
Too late. Nowhere to go.
The entrance to each corridor leading away toward the assembly rooms stood barred, and six representatives of the elite force advanced.
“Commander, we have orders to escort you to precinct seventeen,” one of the guards said, offering a small nod of his head.
Very courteous, but the polite tone didn’t hide the lack of choice in this invitation.
“Several, I’m afraid, Commander. You’ll be informed on arrival.”

A Perfect Match, published by Taliesin Publishing is available on 3rd of July.



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