Exciting times.

Today the excitement for next week is really growing. A Perfect match with Taliesin Publishing is due out on the 3rd of July! Those of you who read the Sunday Sexy Snippets will have read little clips for the last few weeks. There will be another on Sunday.

Today and tomorrow you will have the chance to read some more. Below is a taster for you.

Do enjoy.


“Outrageous! It’s not possible. I’m sworn to the gods. He can’t do it.” Anwell babbled to her personal slave. “Raisa, are you certain? Is it a genuine warning?”
“Yes, I fear so, mistress. Before you retire tonight, you will receive a direct command from His Eminence, Lord Chardel. Not even the Mother of the Temple can gainsay such a decree.”
Anwell’s stomach churned. She shook her head until her long earrings rattled. This isn’t true. Her knees wilted and forced her to sit on the edge of her narrow bed. “I can’t think any of the Carnag would allow him to make such an edict.” She laced her fingers together as if in prayer. “Was there no one in the assembly who’d dispute on my behalf?”
Raisa’s eyes gleamed in the low light. The old Netherling sat beside her, clasped her hands, and squeezed hard. “You were not mentioned by name there. It would have made little difference if you had been. All of them are fearful they may lose their place. Lord Chardel becomes more erratic by the day. I’m afraid many will go along with any of his wishes, rather than risk his displeasure. You have no choice, my lady. You cannot refuse the explicit command of the leader of the Carnag. To do so might endanger your life. Your family may suffer if they attempt to gainsay His Emminence.” Raisa’s dark gaze held hers. “You must obey.”



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