Tuesday Treat. Guest post from Sofia Grey.

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Welcome to today’s Tuesday Treat from the lovely Sofia Grey.

Thank you to Daisy, for inviting me to take part in her Tuesday Treats. The last few Treats have been first kisses, and since that’s such a lovely part of every couple’s story, I’ll continue in their footsteps.

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In my latest release, Craving (Talisman #2), my hero (Dante) has shied away from relationships. He knows he carries trouble everywhere he goes, and frankly his life is complicated enough without having to consider anyone else’s feelings. Katherine stirs up a whole new set of complications.

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Squashing down my own inadequacies, I moved forward and closed the gap. Before he could demur, I draped my arms around his neck and pressed my lips against his. It was meant to be a peck, a light touch of comfort. I didn’t expect it to ignite.
I could feel everything—the softness of his cool lips, damp with rain; his prickly stubble against my chin; tight arms that wrapped around me; one hand on the small of my back, the other closing around the nape of my neck. He growled deep in his throat and kissed me back, hard. Then his mouth slanted, the kiss went deeper in a scorching blast I felt down to my knees. My hands moved of their own accord, burrowing into his hair, pulling his head further down. He tasted of coffee and something dark and exotic. Dante was delicious.



Dante isn’t your typical medium. With his leather jacket, tattoos and piercings, he looks more at home on his motorbike than he does holding a séance and Katherine has no intention of getting involved with him. He’s the complete opposite of the kind of man she wants and represents everything she’s tried to leave behind, but she needs a medium and he’s the best one around.

Dante’s never allowed himself to get close to anyone for fear of putting them in danger. His craving for Katherine is about to bring his worst nightmares to life.


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  1. Ooh, sounds delicious. Daisy, I have a Torchy Tuesday feature on my blog and a Writer Wednesday if you’d like to post sometime. Also, are you able to put a Pinterest button along with Twitter? If so, your book covers could be posted on a board I have there called Books. Happy Tuesday and thanks for the treat!

    • Thanks for commenting, Flossie. I’d love to post with you. I have been intending to work on the blog to add some bits and bobs. Other things have taken over at
      present but I’ll see what I can do.

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