Time for Tarot.

1 Cups_Ace

Do take a little time to look at this image and examine your feelings about it.

The ace of cups.

This has to be one of my favourite cards. It is the first of the cards in the suit of cups, a suit which is linked primarily to emotions. Water is the element this suit is attuned to and matters of the heart figure frequently in each of the cards. If you find this card in your reading it can show you have an opportunity for a fabulous relationship with a person, often of the romantic kind.

This card can also show an abundence of all good things, I kind of think of it as a symbol of ‘your cup runneth over’ and because this is an ace in the deck then it is filled with a powerful energy, as are all aces. This card is very positive and when it appears you are given a message that things have an excellent chance to go well.

I like this particular visualisation. It is from one of my favourite set of cards The Gilded Tarot, I love the images.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this card. Thanks for reading.

Daisy Banks.






2 thoughts on “Time for Tarot.

  1. I admit I don’t know the first thing about Tarot cards and have never followed them, but I always thought the artwork was cool. They remind me of old-time carnivale images. This one however feels kind of 1960s, in step with the artwork of that time. I can also see it being on the cover of Fortean Times, a magazine dedicated to the weird and unusual!

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