Sexy Snippet Sunday.

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Welcome to another Sexy Snippet Sunday thanks to

Nuthouse Scribblers.

Seven sentences from a work in progress or published work.

 There are eight other authors participating today. Please do click on the image to find the link to their snippets and if you possibly can do comment.

This week my Sexy Snippet comes from my soon to be released story. A Perfect Match. Published by Taliesin Publishing.


“Let’s get in the water?” He let her go.

She opened her eyes at the metallic click as he flipped open his heavy belt.

Deliberate and unashamed, she let her gaze linger as he stripped off the rest of his clothes. The impact of watching him set a thrill of shivers skipping over her body. Her nipples tingled.

He stood naked, beautiful beyond anything else she knew, and his gaze held hers.

Daisy Banks

June 2014

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Twitter @DaisyBanks12


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