Seven Random Facts About Me.


This is the ‘Very Interesting Blogger Award’. Good, hey?

                                Would you like one of your own?

To get a copy all you have to do is write your own blog spot with seven unusual or little know things about yourself, link it back to where you first found this blog hop, that’s me, and nominate or invite others to continue with it.

I got my certificate from my good friend Mae Clair and I am linking back to her blog through this image.

Mae Clair

Click the image and you’ll get to Mae’s blog. I have to say Mae is one of the most interesting bloggers of those I follow. Her research is always spot on and I love her Mythic Monday posts.

So I keep my ‘Interesting Blogger Certificate’  here are my seven random facts.

1 I prefer dark chocolate to milk. I really like the strong chocolate hit from something with 80% chocolate. Love it. I don’t eat a lot, just a couple of squares and taste is magic.

2 I sometimes drink Guinness. I love the dark malty flavour of the brew and cool on a hot day it surely hits the spot.


3 I once danced the Cancan, in costume, in front of about one hundred people. There might have been more. I have to say I rather enjoyed the experience but haven’t repeated it since.

4 I once wrote a story of approximately 8000 words, all in rhyming couplets. I’d been reading the Canterbury Tales and it seemed like a good idea at the time. No, I’ve never subbed it anywhere as I’d hate to hear a good editor had collapsed choking while laughing when reading it. 🙂

5 My favourite city in England is York.

I have walked on some of the medieval walls, spent several hours in the Cathedral admiring the beautiful stained glass, and of course, sampled the wares of a few of the many pubs inside the medieval city walls.

York Minster                                               The_Shambles,_York

This is the Minster.                                 This is The Shambles. It’s very narrow.

6 One place I would enjoy the chance to revisit is Lucca in Italy. I fell in love with the tall towers, exquisite squares and cafes, and the beauty of the surrounding countryside. I didn’t have long enough there and I’d like to go back.

7 I have an unfulfilled ambition to dance the Tango. I am thinking of getting some lessons this autumn. I’ll let you know if I do.


I hope you have enjoyed the seven random facts about me and perhaps you might be inspired to write your own.

Thanks for reading.

Daisy B

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4 thoughts on “Seven Random Facts About Me.

  1. I’m with you on dark chocolate (I’ve even gone as far as 92%) and I love to dance, although I have never done the Tango or the Cancan. That must have been fun! Lucky you getting to visit all those medieval places, pubs and cathedrals too. America is such a young country. I would love to see history like that. And since I am half Italian, maybe one day I’ll get to Italy too (I believe I still have relatives there).

    Most interesting facts, Daisy. Thanks for blogging and the shout out!

  2. the tango huh? lets me see what I can do about that… here is a link to one of the best tango’s I’ve ever seen. we have a show called dancing with the stars. The girl, Meryl Davis , won the gold medal for ice dancing in Sochi, the guy is the professional and poor Maks gets so close to winning and has never quiet pulled it off, PLUS, you can see them falling in love on the show each week and this might be when Maks began to realize it… so watch the whole thing and then you can go back on utube and watch the entire season of their dancing… so for you a tango and the love story that goes with it… start writing! LOL.

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