Sexy Snippets Sunday.

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Yes, it’s Sunday again and time for another sexy snippet thanks to hosts for the event Nuthouse Scribblers.

The challenge is to offer seven sentences from a work in progress or a published work.There are nine other authors contributing this weekend don’t forget to check out their snippets by clicking the image above.

This week I am sharing my cover for my new book A Perfect Match, due out in July with Taliesin Publishing, and of course a snippet from the story for you. Enjoy.

“Shall we eat first?” She nestled as close as she could and wrapped her arms around him.
“No.” He pressed a warm kiss on her throat. “I think we’ll eat after.”
She closed her eyes to the morning light as he covered her mouth with his. Their kiss grew deeper and she followed his lead to let her tongue dance to the lure of his. She took harsh, quick breaths eager for more of him.



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