Sexy Snippet Sunday

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Welcome to Sexy Snippet Sunday.

Thanks to The Nuthouse Scibblers who set the Sexy Snippet challenge of seven sentences from a work in progress or published story. There are seven other authors participating this week do click the image above to find them and read their snippets too. I hope you enjoy my snippet from my book A Perfect Match, out this summer with Taliesin Publishing.


sexy kissy touch

“I want you.”
“I know.” He blew soft against her ear so she shivered. He teased the rigid peaks of her nipples until she made the soft little cries to raise gooseflesh on his arms. “I’ve wanted you since you left the house this morning, but we’re going to wait until this evening.”
“Yes, come on.” He rose from the bath, took her hand and helped her out. “Don’t pout. You’ve something else to do today.”



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