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One of the most fun things in writing romance is writing about love between characters. I enjoy this element of writing romance very much, and so today I thought I’d give you a few hugs and kisses to look at. I’ve picked one from each of my stories. I do hope you enjoy them.

yourheartmysoulHe leaned across and gently pressed his mouth to the softness of her beguiling silky lips in a kiss almost as chaste as those he’d give his sister. Almost, but not quite, for a creature awoke inside him, beat wings to raise a cloud of desire in preparation of capturing this beautiful woman as his own. The urge to explore more of her swept through him.
She returned his kiss. The spark of desire grew into a revelation. A new and powerful desire took root in his mind. He’d discovered something too precious to give up to fate or fortune. Whatever it might take he’d free Libby from the grip of this spirit’s grasp, because the lovely, heartwarming Ms. Liberty Chesterton belonged as part of his life.
Slowly, as if time mattered for nothing they kissed until he let her lips go.


He caught the back of her head in his palm and brought her face much closer to his. Warm and smothering, his mouth covered hers, and all the time, her body sang in answer to his kiss.
A cascade of shivers shot through her, stalling her doubts. Desire flooded her blood at the first contact of his lips. An instant, heady, insistent craving for his most intimate touch blazed to heat her body. She opened her mouth to accept the seeking warmth of his tongue, and her knees softened like wax under a flame.
He gathered her closer, tightening his grasp, and hauled her tight against him. Their kiss deepened until each movement of his brought an echo of hers. A whimper of satisfaction stole from her as she twined her tongue around his. She sucked the warmth ofhim deeper into her mouth so his taste and hers swirled and mingled.

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Cedar reached for her hand, clasped it, and bent to press a kiss on her wrist. The tingling romped over her in a racing wave.
This is the badest I’ve ever thought I could be.
He stood straight and tilted his head to one side. His delicious smile forced her to watch motionless, though she knew he was about to kiss her.
Yes, Cedar. Kiss me. Now.
“Tell me about this accident,” he whispered against her ear and pressed a soft kiss to her cheek.
She lifted her arms to wrap them around his neck, angled her face, and unable to resist the temptation, she brushed her lips against his.
He embraced her, cradled one hand at the back of her head, warmed her lips with his, and as she opened her mouth, he made her whimper as he swept his tongue against hers. She clung hard to him for her knees wobbled and warmth flooded through her body. All her imaginings among the flowers weren’t half as good as the real thing.
By the wind in the leaves. I’ll do it. I love him I know I do.

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Here are a few more.

New cover for Fiona's Wish

Firm muscles met her hands as she grasped his wide shoulders, smoothed down over
them until she reached past his waist and squeezed his tight, rounded ass with her fingers. The
need for air took her mouth from his for the briefest of seconds. Small moans broke at the back
of her throat when she returned to explore his mouth, teased his tongue with hers and lured him
to plunge his deeper into her mouth.
A blaze of fire seared her nipples and she ached for more of his touch. Tugging at the
zipper on her jacket to free herself from its confines, she thrust herself against him. He caressed
her, moving his palm along her body, and as his thumb brushed a nipple, a wild savage need beat
in her blood.
“Will you be my own for this time, woman?” He breathed the words against her ear.
Seductive, gentle as the southern breeze, his plea found her heart. All her senses sighed in
acquiescence and the knowledge of completeness filled her.

timeless He yanked her toward him with one muscular arm that gripped tight around her midriff. A swift haul in, and her feet dangled for a second. Excitement rushed down her spine and a flush of desire pooled in her loins. The male scent of him filled her, drove her heartbeat to a rare wild rhythm and set her nipples throbbing into hot rigid tips, so anxious was she for his first touch on her breasts. A soft, blissful groan stole from her at the warmth of his open mouth pressed against her throat. He sucked, hard.


“No, I‟ll not,” she said.
“By the devil, you will if you wish to stay in town.” His arm coiled ‟round her, and the table rolled sideways as he nudged it out of the way with his knee. The heat of his hand on her waist warmed.
“I will scream,” she said as he pulled her closer still.
“Bawl your bloody head off for all I care. I‟ve waited long enough for you.”
Before she could even whimper, his mouth covered hers.
Dear God, he smelled as wonderful as he had when he was the first man to kiss her.
She tried to pull away, but he held her tight, slid his tongue with aching slowness into her mouth. All the need for him she’d ever known washed through her like a wave. This wasn‟t going to happen today, or tomorrow. Not ever!
She yanked her head back and slapped him as hard as she could. Breathing swiftly, she gasped, “Get out. I mean it, or I‟ll have the servants throw you out.” She pulled backward so she rocked on her heels, but his embrace didn‟t break.
“Be damned you will. I am here for you. If I have to strip everything you own from you, Prudence, I‟ll make sure you fulfill the promise you made me.”

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