Sexy Snippet Sunday.


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This Sunday I am taking part in Sexy Snippet Sunday along with nine other authors, thanks to Nut House Scribblers. You can find the link to the other authors if you click the button above. Do read them.

The Sexy Snippet rule is  seven sentences from a work in progress or published work. My seven sentences this week come from my story A Perfect Match, due out with Taliesin Publishing this summer.


He shoved the door closed behind him, and they fell on each other, wild.
No gentleness now.
The new pearl broaches popped off.
He yanked her gown from her.
She scored her nails across his shoulders as he probed into her mouth with his tongue in a savage parody of the lust-powered act of love. Control gone, she ripped his tunic as she raced to touch his flesh.
They fed on each other, ravaging.


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