Sexy Snippets from A Perfect Match.

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Welcome to Sexy Snippets courtesy of NutHouse Scribblers. Click the link to view their page. There are six other authors posting snippets too.

Seven sentences from a work in progress or published story for readers to enjoy.

My seven sentences come from my forthcoming release with Taliesin Publishing. A Perfect Match to be released in July this year.


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Starlight gilded her flesh as he held her, and he kissed her again, breathing in the richness of her perfume. She stroked him, moving her palms against his shoulders, over his chest, but he caught her hand to stop her venturing farther. “I need to wait a lot longer tonight. If you touch me, I doubt if I could.”
She gave him a nod and pressed smooth and soft butterfly kisses to his mouth as she wrapped her arms around him. Her skin warmed under his touch. One small catch in her breath made him linger as he pulled to undo the first ribbon and the next tied on her hips.

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