Tuesday Treat from Pamela Turner.

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Today’s Tuesday Treat is from Pamela Turner and its a fablulous treat indeed. Welcome Pamela with :

First Kiss



(Lovers Reunited – Exterminating Angel)

There’s nothing more gratifying than bringing lovers together after centuries of separation. But what happens when one of them is unaware of his past, his memory sealed away?
Zaphkiel, former leader of the Throne angels, has no doubt Sean is Caliel, his lover long thought dead, arrested and executed by the Seraphim, the highest ranking archangels in the celestial hierarchy. But he’s made a promise to Lucifer he won’t reveal Sean’s true identity, no matter how much he fears Sean may not remember him or their relationship.
Sean can’t explain his attraction to Zaphkiel, but something draws him to the archangel. In the following scene, Sean welcomes Zaphkiel’s advances, but is confused by the other man’s hesitation. Is he expecting too much too soon? He senses Zaphkiel’s interest. Maybe he needs a little more encouragement…

Not wanting to overstay his welcome, Sean stood. “I’d better get back. Morning shift at the library. Thanks for the drink.”
“Sure.” Zaphkiel rubbed the back of his neck as he accompanied Sean to the front door.
Sean curled his hand around the doorknob.
Zaphkiel stepped closer.
Sean’s breath hitched, and his skin flared with heat as the other man leaned down, fingers brushing his hand.
“Excuse me.” Zaphkiel took Sean’s chin between his thumb and index finger and tilted his face upward.
Sean closed his eyes, eager to taste him. In the silence, his heartbeat sounded abnormally loud.
Dry lips brushed over his, stubble scraping against his chin, the friction slightly burning.
Sean’s hand slipped off the doorknob and fisted into Zaphkiel’s shirt as he drew him closer. The kiss deepened, whiskey mingling with Zaphkiel’s warm breath.
Zaphkiel cradled Sean’s head. Welcoming heat and the realization maybe he was interested in him inflamed Sean’s heart and pushed blood southward.
Zaphkiel released him. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to…” He raked fingers through his hair, a faint flush rising on his cheeks.
“It’s okay.” Sean smiled, despite his stomach sinking. Was he this desperate? They’d only met a day or two ago, and he didn’t believe in love at first sight. Maybe he needed to get laid. His friends would’ve joked about that, although Zaphkiel didn’t seem a bad choice, with seductive hazel eyes and tousled, shoulder-length brown hair that he wanted to run his hands through to feel its softness.
“I shouldn’t have assumed.” Zaphkiel averted his face, his shoulders sagging.
Sean couldn’t leave without letting Zaphkiel know he wanted more, was willing to take that chance. He took Zaphkiel’s hand, rubbing the older man’s knuckles. “I don’t do anything I don’t want.” He kissed Zaphkiel.
He’d no idea if his gamble would work, but if Zaphkiel doubted his interest, hopefully, that last kiss had dispelled it.

Exterminating Angel Blurb:
Making a deal with the Devil is the least of his problems.
Zaphkiel, a chain-smoking, hard-drinking archangel, never intended to unleash the sun demon upon the city. Bad enough his boss wants him dead, and this recent crime is the perfect excuse. The timing couldn’t be worse. Somehow, Zaphkiel’s executed lover, Caliel, is alive and reincarnated as Sean. Zaphkiel is thrilled to be reunited with Caliel again, but will his lover feel the same when he learns Zaphkiel’s darkest secret?
Hired by Lucifer, Sean wants nothing more than to fit in. But how can he compete when the Devil’s friends include archangels and a Tarot reader, and he was born without special abilities? Or so he believes. The Tarot hints there may be more to him than he realizes.
Recruited by the Devil to find the two pentacles sun demon Sorath plans to use to destroy the universe, Zaphkiel and Sean find themselves pawns in a game of power and control. If the archangel gives his boss the pentacles, Ophaniel will overlook his crime. But Zaphkiel knows he can’t trust either Ophaniel or Sorath, and the deal he’s made with the Devil could cost him not only his life, but also the lover he believed gone forever.
M/M sexual practices, occult themes, some violence, graphic descriptions.

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Author Bio:
Pamela Turner drinks too much coffee, and wishes she could write perfect first drafts. Publications include reviews, articles, poetry, and short fiction. Her 10-minute play “Brides of Deceit” was part of a local performance, and “Cemetery” placed second in The Writers Place short/teleplay screenplay competition. Publications include the paranormal short novels Death Sword and Exterminating Angel, both from Kensington Publishing Corp.’s Lyrical Press imprint, and the paranormal historical mystery The Ripper’s Daughter (BlackWyrm Publishing). Her short, dark suspense story “Family Tradition” (MuseItUp Publishing) was a finalist in the EPIC 2014 EBook Awards, and Death Sword is a finalist in the Chanticleer Book Reviews Paranormal Awards 2013. She’s a member of RWA, Sisters in Crime, EPIC, and a supporting member of HWA. Besides coffee, she likes cats, cemeteries, and old abandoned buildings. You can find her at http://pamelaturner.net