Guest Post from J C Conway. Hearts in Ruin.

Today I’d like to showcase J C Conway with his new release Hearts in Ruin from Liquid Silver Books. Available tomorrow 5th of May at A sneak peek tells me this is a fabulous read.




Andrea Hollister seeks a quiet career as a mainstream archaeologist—nothing more or less—and she’s one dig, and an ancient secret, away. So when Andrea must join super-hot maverick prodigy Daniel Fuchs on a New Mexico dig, her smartest move is to secretly undermine his unconventional theories, despite growing attraction and guilt. But what if Daniel is right? Two betrayals and a devastating court order later, Andrea and Daniel find their careers, and their shaky relationship, on the brink of ruins. To survive professionally and emotionally, Andrea must come clean and save Daniel’s dig. But can she do so in time, with bulldozers positioned to level the site?




J. C. Conway is a romance, science fiction and fantasy author, writing novels and short stories for adults, young adults and teens. He is a grand prize winner of the Yosemite Romance Writers Smooch contest. His writing passion began with a grade-school assignment to write anything he liked, which, at the time, included dinosaurs, robots, army heroes and alien invaders. Since then he’s added tense internal conflict and emotional dilemmas. To learn more, visit his website at, his Facebook page at, or follow him on Twitter at


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