A guest post from Christina Westcott.

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I am pleased to welcome Christina Westcott to the blog. She has very kindly forgiven me for muddling up her date. I am thrilled to have her here this May morning.

The Many Worlds of Christina Westcott

The one fantastic thing about writing science fiction and fantasy, is that I have innumerable worlds to play in. I can be fighting a dragon one day and piloting a starship the next—with a handsome co-pilot at my side. I always did have a thing for a guy who was tall, blond and cybernetic.

All this escapism probably began for me as a child. I grew up in the country with no neighborhood children to pal around with. After school and during the summer, it was just my horses, the cats and books, books, books. The Saturday morning trip to the library remains one of the fondest memories of my childhood. I was heavily influenced by the early greats in SF, Andre Norton and Robert Heinlein, but I did notice that all the characters having fun and going on quests in those books were boys. I suppose that was why I became a tomboy and why all the female characters in my stories get to kick butt and carry the guns or swords. And often end up bailing the guy out of trouble. These days I like my fantasy and SF with strong female protagonists and a dash of romance to spice up the adventure. Linnea Sinclair and Ann Aguirre come to mind.



My latest release, Hip Deep in Dragons from Taliesin Publishing, takes my readers into the wilds of Florida. To me the upland pine forests and sawgrass prairies of my home state are the true Florida, not the beaches and Disneyworld. Like my protagonist, Laura Chambers, I’m concerned about the damage non-native animals and plants have had on our local environment. As a writer, this has made me ask, what if? What if it wasn’t a walking catfish or a python, but a dragon? And wouldn’t a sexy young wizard come hunting the errant beast? And so my story was off and running. Take a look…

Doctor Laura Chambers considers her life well-ordered and unremarkable She holds down multiple jobs, stashing away every extra penny for the day she can afford to open her own veterinary practice. Her idea of a pleasant evening consists of dinner at home with her cats, then turning in early with a hot new romance novel. Inviting the ruggedly handsome stranger she found asleep on her porch to join her for breakfast should have been out of the question—even if he did have gorgeous green eyes and call her Milady.
With his charming brogue and courtly manners, Robert of Starhollow could be a British tourist hitch-hiking across Florida in search of a mysterious individual named Shakagwa Dun. But Laura soon learns she’ll be asked to believe more than a few impossible things this morning before breakfast.
Robby is a wizard from a parallel world where magic still exists and he’s hot on the trail of a dragon, a particularly nasty creature who’s picked the Florida Everglades as a likely spot to set up housekeeping and raise a brood of dragonlings. If the sexy young wizard can’t convince the dragon to return to their world, he may have no choice but to slay it and Laura is determined to not let him face that danger alone.
If they don’t succeed in disrupting the dragon’s plans, Florida could soon find itself hip deep in dragons

For my next outing, we travel far into the future to the militaristic Scyran Empire for a story of cyborgs, mercenaries, sentient starships and snarky telepathic cats. A Hero for the Empire is a tale of high adventure in the vein of Star Wars and Firefly, with a healthy serving of romance thrown into the mix. It’ll be out this October 2014 from Samhain Publishing.

a hero for the empire


Wolf Youngblood just survived an Imperial assassination attempt, so when cybernetically augmented Kimber FitzWarren shows up in his bedroom at 0-dark-30, he’s surprised to discover she isn’t there to kill him, but to plead for his help. She’s part of a coup plotting to topple the corrupt Imperial government and her orders are to locate a vanished military legend—a woman who was once Wolf’s lover. Fitz is running on borrowed time. Her enhancements give her superhuman strength and speed, but are slowly destroying her body. Success of this mission is imperative, because it could well be her last.
Pursued by Imperial forces, their options and allies are stripped away, leaving them with no one to depend on but each other. A bond grows between them, but a secret from Wolf’s past threatens to destroy it. He survived a disastrous medical experiment that nearly killed him, but left him virtually immortal. Wolf knows he and Fitz can share only a few years, but he’ll seize what time he can, even if it means he has to spend eternity haunted by her memory.
But first, they have to survive this mission.

You can visit me at www.facebook.com/chris.westcott.33 or on my website, www.christinawestcottauthor.com where you can meet the four rowdy cats who keep me in line.

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And keep you tactical displays scanning for A Hero for the Empire on October 7, 2014. Now, if you’ll excuse me, time to make myself another cuppa. Tea. Hot. Earl Gray. Just me an Jean-Luc Picard.


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  1. Hi, Christina! I grew up reading SF and fantasy too. LOVE the sound of HIP DEEP IN DRAGONS and will definitely be adding it to my TBR list. Yummy cover too 🙂

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