Sexy Snippets. A Perfect Match.

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This week I am offering you seven sentences from my new story A Perfect Match, coming soon from Taliesin Publishing.

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I hope you enjoy this snippet.

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This is my snippet from A Perfect Match.

      He shook his wet hair and using the bank to support him, pulled up and climbed out of the pool. In no rush, he picked up a towel, wrapped it around his middle and turned. Anwell’s hazel eyes had widened. The dark centres shone. He smiled and offered her a wink. “Do you like what you see?”
      “Yes, very much, you are beautiful.”



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For Heather and other readers to enjoy.

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  1. If I could I’d hit the “LIKE” button another 100 or so times! Thanks Daisy – he is practically perfect. I DO LOVE eye candy!

  2. You wouldn’t happen to have a picture of this wet, practically naked beautiful man, would you? 😉

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