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Welcome to Sunday’s Sexy Snippets thanks to Nuthouse Scribblers.

To read on you must be over 18 and by reading on you acknowledge you are.

This week I am offering you seven sentences from my new story A Perfect Match to be published by Taliesain Publishing.

I hope you enjoy them.

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At present I have no art work to offer you for A Perfect Match,

but be sure I will share it with you as soon as I can.

In this snippet my hero has just returned home to his house in the upper city. He’s been working hard and is in need of a break.

“Good, now finish what you began earlier.”
Tasha pressed the smooth rounds of her breasts against his back for a second before she slid around him to nestle between his thighs.
The bath water came up to her shoulders and darkened the tips of her trailing fair hair. She rolled her fingers against his thighs and traced a tormenting fingernail along the length of his erection to encourage his engorged swell.
A blissful groan left him as she bent closer and took the tip between her smooth warm lips.
Home, delightful.

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