Sexy Snippets from Fiona’s Wish.

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Welcome to Sunday’s Sexy Snippets thanks to Nuthouse Scribblers.

This week I am offering you seven sentences from my Selkie story Fiona’s Wish published by Lyrical Press Kensington Publications, and this week was on their hot read list. I hope you enjoy them.

There are twelve other authors taking part in Sexy Snippets this week. You can find links to them by clicking on the Snippet image above.

All writers thrive on a little encouragement, so if you read their posts do comment if you possibly can.

New cover for Fiona's Wish

The cool water chilled the aching heat between his thighs. She shuddered in his arms, and her little whimpers when the sea swirled over her made him smile. The water on her skin was just another lover’s touch to ease her sorrow and bring her joy. Gently he drew the restraining cord from her sun-heated fair hair, fanned the soft strands wide until they flowed like pale waves around her.

The ways to love her came as natural as breathing, just as the old one who’d guided him in his youth promised they would, should he ever hear the call. His reason for being, his woman led him with her moans and sighs.

He covered her enticing lips and absorbed the last of her surprised sounds.

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