Sexy Snippets from Valentine Wishes.

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Welcome to Sunday’s Sexy Snippets thanks to Nuthouse Scribblers.

This week I am offering you seven sentences from my fairy story Valentine Wishes. I hope you enjoy them.

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The tortuous guilt drained away with the need for him flaming between her thighs. Warm and wet, he traced his tongue down her throat, bent his head to circle a nipple, so she shook with desire. “Oh,” she moaned when he pulled her nipple inside the heat of his mouth, and he sucked harder, as he slid his fingers between her thighs. She lost any other thought in the heady joy of his skill to give her waves of pleasure.

Her breath caught in her throat, and she arched upward to him, hovering on the edge of orgasm, while energy pooled around them both like molten gold.

“’Tis morning, my blossom, the wish is done and still I love yer,” he whispered and rolled her over above him. The thick velvet heat of his erection filled her in one smooth movement, and she was over the edge, riding a blissful March wind, while he groaned.

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