Sexy Snippets from To Eternity.

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Nuthouse Scribblers host Sexy Snippets each weekend. The rule is seven sentences from a published work or a work in progress. Click the image above to link back to see who else is Snippeting this Sunday.

My sexy snippet this week is from To Eternity, my sequel to the story Timeless. I will be submitting this story this week and am hoping it will be picked up. This snippet is from the work in progress and unedited. I hope you enjoy it all the same.

If it tempts you to find out more about Magnus and Sian you can purchase a copy of Timless here.



Pale like moonlight her slim legs moved fast as quicksilver and how he’d delight in stroking the soft silken flesh of her thighs, teasing the mossy nest between, when he caught her. And catch her he would, and when he did she’d plead for his forgiveness and promise never to run again. And he’d believe her, of course, and it would be so, until the next time.

The widening gaze as she glanced back over her shoulder before taking her first step into the shadows, only increased his expectations and filled him with determination. This wickedly tempting minx would howl for him.

How he loved her dreams. Full of life, vitality and Sian, always Sian, no other could ever torment him as deliciously as she did.

7 Sentences.

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