Love, magic and potions, wishes and dreams.

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Love, magic and potions, wishes and dreams.


For centuries, those hopeful of love have resorted to a variety of ways to encourage a lover to come to them, stay with them, adore them or return to them.

Some of these attempts in the past could have lead to the death of the individual if they were discovered to have made a charm or magic spell. A charge of witchcraft could prove deadly, so many women performed their romance spells in great secret, or what once had been methods of fore seeing became simple folklore, such as peeling an apple without cutting the thread of peel, toss it on the floor and it will reveal the first letter of your true love’s name.

Fortunately we live in more enlightened times and today I offer you three little bits of love lore.

I have no idea if those spells and glamours worked for those who tried them in the past, or if these little spells might work for you. Perhaps you might like to try them and see.


Rose Love Spell

Take a red rose and a red candle into your bedroom.

Meditate, visualise what you want. ‘I want a faithful lover to come to me, to be with me for the rest of my life’.

Be specific and focused on what you want.

Use a thorn to write the wish onto the candle.

At midnight light the candle and visualise your wish coming true.

Crystals to bring you love luck and romance.

From the time of Aphrodite’s magic girdle some gems and jewels are said to have magical properties. Here are some you can try wearing if you are looking for love.

Copper: ruled by Venus and attracts love especially when set with an emerald .

Amber: increases sensual pleasure.

Cat’s Eye: worn as a ring brightens spirit and prolongs youthful beauty.

Pearls: attract love.

Emeralds: attract love.


Dream lover spell.

Make a dream pillow from a small muslin bag, fill it with lavender, rosemary and rose petals.

Before you sleep with your pillow light a pink candle.

Say ‘Dream lover, come to me tonight.

        Share with me your secret

        While the moon is bright.’


Let your candle burn for as long as you are comfortable, snuff it when you are ready to sleep.

In the morning, write down everything you recall from your dream visitor.

Repeat this process each night until your candle is completely gone.

Valentine's Wishes-high-res



There is a lot of wish magic in Valentine Wishes and of course some old-fashioned Valentine’s Day preparation. Here is a snippet from the story.

“Okay, what are we in for tonight?” Keri asked.

Poppy peeked round the edge of the jug. She stifled a giggle. The punch Lucy made for parties was a treat, and usually she managed to get more than a sip or two.

Lucy lifted a dust coated pair of green bottles. “In honor of this special Valentine’s event, I am donating my last two bottles of Aunt Trudy’s home-made damson wine.”

“Oh my God, they’ll all be legless. The damson stuff is like fruity rocket fuel. Anyone who drinks the punch will wake tomorrow wondering where they’ve been and what they’ve done.” Bal covered her huge smile with her hand.

“No, they won’t. We’re going to add more oomph to it too, and being February and so cold, I thought we’d serve the punch warm. But, Bal, you only get one glassful, you’re not used to anything other than a white wine spritzer, and I’d hate to make you ill,” Lucy said, as the cork popped when she opened the first bottle.

Poppy inhaled the blast of fragrance from the wine. They always add things to the punch. What’s going to be next?

“How about we put some raspberry juice in it? And some sugar and brandy?” Keri said. “We’ve got raspberries in the freezer. I can mash them up in the blender and sieve them to get rid of the seeds.” Keri opened the freezer.

“Excellent idea. Get the blender out, Keri, it should be a real good combination of flavors.” Lucy poured the wine into the large saucepan and added some cinnamon sticks and some orange and lemon slices before she set the pan on the stove. “I’ll put the sugar in now so it dissolves well.”

Bal stared into the pan and passed Lucy the sugar as the blender roared.

“Here,” Keri scraped the raspberry mush through a sieve over a bowl, and tipped the liquid into the pot.

Lucy tilted a quarter bottle of brandy and the contents glugged down into the pan. “That should do the trick. Now we each have a stir once the brandy is in, and then we’ll top the lot with some good old fashioned water.”

Poppy reeled back at the pungent aroma.

“What? We stir like the old ‘when shall we three meet again’ scene?” Bal said with a laugh.

“Too right, my flower, on this special night it’s three times round and make a wish.” Lucy closed her eyes, her lips wordlessly moved while she stirred the punch.

“She gets far too carried away with this, you know,” Keri murmured to Bal.

Poppy hugged her sides laughing.

Lucy opened her blue eyes and passed the spoon to Bal. “Your go, and wish for something good, this one is going to be awesome.”

Bal grasped the spoon, closed her eyes and stirred three times.

Poppy hovered up a little way to watch the dark wine begin to bubble in the saucepan. If only I could grant their wishes now, but if I wait they might say them aloud. I’ll have to wait a bit longer in the hope they do or carry on anyway like I planned last night.

“Keri, your go.” Bal handed the spoon over, and Keri stood in front of the pan. Her dark eyes closed and she stirred the pot.

“Okay, that’s it,” said Lucy. “I don’t want all the alcohol boiled out of it. Into the punchbowl it goes, and we’ll keep it hot with those little candle things we nicked from the Bengal Tiger. Set ’em up, Bal.”

Poppy darted through to the sitting room and dived down behind a chair. Bal went to the long table which the girls had arranged with food and lit the tea lights under the warming dish. Lucy followed wearing oven gloves to carry the steaming punchbowl. She put the silvered bowl over the top of the warming trays and yanked off the thick gloves.

“Right, time to change and become party divas,” Keri said and beckoned them to the stairs.

You can buy a copy of Valentine Wishes here.

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