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The rules for Sneak Peak Sunday are 6 paragraphs from a work in progress or current release. Today I can’t resist posting 6 paragraphs from my forthcoming Liquid Silver Books release Valentine Fairy available 10th Feb. I do hope you enjoy them.

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Poppy squirmed when Cedar stroked his palms over the back of her gown to pull her nearer until she could smell his delightful pine scented fragrance, and his presence sent delicious thrills through her body. All she’d ever wanted stood so close. Cedar smiled so tenderly and tempted her to forget everything else.

He’ll love me, but only because of the wish. Her heart flipped before it plowed back into despair. Oh, Cedar, I shouldn’t let the wish make you love me. Would it really matter? She gazed into his beautiful eyes and gave a trembly little sigh. If she drank the punch too, he’d love her and she’d love him back. Can I be that bad? He’ll never know it was because of the punch.

Cedar reached for her hand, clasped it, and bent to press a kiss on her wrist. The tingling romped over her in a racing wave.

This is the badest I’ve ever thought I could be.

He stood straight and tilted his head to one side. His delicious smile forced her to watch motionless, though she knew he was about to kiss her.

Yes, Cedar. Kiss me. Now.

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So Cute!  Fun and Frothy. A Valentine story that made me smile.


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