Pre order your copy of Valentine Wishes.

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As of today, you can pre order you copy of Valentine Wishes due out on the 10th of February with Liquid Silver Books. If you pre order you get a discounted price. Do stop by and pre order today.

And to help you make up your mind here is a snippet from the book too.

“There yer are, I knew yer were here. I’ve been waiting for ye all night.” She spun around at the velvet caress of a voice she remembered so well. “No,” she squeaked.


Not possible.

Her stomach knotted and she wanted to crawl away and hide.

His golden hair glinted in the glow of the colored lights and he smiled wide in greeting.

She could hardly keep herself in the air. A wave of heat scorched her face.

“Poppy, ’tis me, Cedar Heartwood. Yer remember me, don’t ye, darlin’?” He flew a little closer, and she nodded as she sank down toward the lawn.

Her knees sagged.


I remember you…who couldn’t? You haven’t changed at all.

His eyes still entranced with hazel gleams. She ached to throw her arms around him, and as she steadied herself, she swept her gaze up to his face again. He still had the most enticing lips she’d ever seen.

Oh, by the wind in the leaves. How many hours did I sit among the daisies and wonder what it would be like to kiss him?

 She shook herself, torn between long held hopes and tonight’s despair. He had to go, at least until later. “I can’t speak with ye now, Cedar. I’m busy.”

“Yer can’t be busy, ’tis all nearly over. Come sit with me for a while and we’ll talk. I’ve messages for ye from yer brother. I’d like a long chat with ye.” He reached for her arm and led her down besides the decking, to where the purple winter heather offered a fragrant and comfortable bower. Her suspicion grew he might be offering something she’d always wanted. The familiar tingling sensation he induced made goose-bumps race up her arms and she fought against losing herself in him.

I can’t, no matter what kind of bargain he offers, I mustn’t. Not now. She tore her gaze from his attractions and peered back at the shadows under the apple tree. What about my poor mortals?


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