A snippet from Valentine Wishes

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This is a little snippet from Valentine Wishes. The story will be available on the 10th of February, I’ll post a pre-order link as soon as I get one. In this section the fairy, Poppy, decides about wishes.

I don’t want to lose my mortals but I do want to see them happy. I know I can help them find the mates they want.

Better slow down a bit here.

She bit her lip. I’ve not actually ever made a real big wish happen before, not ever. Somehow, I don’t think a big wish will be so easy as a stay-clean wish to the windows, or a stay-dust-free wish to the shelves. Maybe I ought to think about it a good bit before the party and see if I can remember what they said about big wishes at the court. Hey, why worry, everyone has to have a first!

She crept out into the kitchen with tingles of anticipation making her wings itch. The room smelled fresh and clean. Tonight she had no fear she’d slip on a grease spot as she hovered up and landed on the window ledge. Before she made her way out of the window, she sent a little tiny wish to the surface of the stove to keep it spotless. I’ve done all I can tonight, tomorrow will be the big test. She ducked under the window net and flew out into the fresh air.

Later this week I’ll be posting my blog tour schedule for Valentine Wishes. Don’t forget to come take a peek.

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  1. I can’t wait to see what kind of shenanigans ensue when Poppy decides to tackle her first big wish. 🙂 Looking forward to learning the details on the blog tour!

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