Happy New Year to all of you.

My best wishes to everyone for a very happy 2014. I hope the new year brings you all the best of your dreams.

This is really a big thank you blog.

My thanks to everyone who participated in the Gemini Girls Hop. I will be notifying the winner of my giveaway today.

I also want to say a big thank you to the following people who participated in the Advent blog here. I am grateful to you all.

Sofia Grey.  Rosanna Leo. Diane Saxon. Mae Clair. Kimber Vale. Joanne Wadsworth. Allyson Lindt. Haley Whitehall. Virginnia De Parte. Sotia Lazu. Shiloh Saddler. Cd Brennan. Heather Hand. Sara-Jayne Townsend. M.S. Kaye. Jennah Scott. Venus Cahill. Liza O’Connor and Layne Macadam.

My next blog here will be on the 4th of January where you will get to see the cover art of my latest book Valentine Wishes to be published by Liquid Silver Books. Do drop by.

Best wishes

Daisy Banks


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