Something to raise a smile this time of year.

Blog for 29th of December.

Wildflower meadow


This time of year makes me maudlin. So, to prevent me from becoming sloppy, to entertain you too, and hopefully make you smile I thought I’d share some of the things that have made me smile this year.


·        The birth of my niece.

·        My car passing the MOT test last February. (That’s a UK road worthy test, and you can’t drive your car legally unless it passes that test.)

·        The sound of the snow sliding off the roof as the winter finally gave way to spring.

·        The development of hand transplant surgery to bring hope to people.

·        The conversation I had with a retired miner who lives close by me.

·        Meeting with two friends I have known since I was 11 and seeing them so well.

·        Watching the ducks skating on the ice.

·        The discovery of the tomb of the lost King Richard III.

·        The first daffodils this year.

·        My dear friend recovering from breast cancer. That made me smile for days.

·        My son getting engaged.

·        Taking the photo above so I could share the beauty of the place I live with a dear friend.

·        Being able to walk up the hill from the pub.

·        My other son returning safe from climbing in Austria. He’ll make me smile more if he lets me share some of the amazing photos he took.

·        Making some special new friends, two of whom were generous enough to help me in more ways than they knew.

·        My visit to the Pembrokeshire coast where I heard the sound of the sea.

·        Having two books published. Sorry, I can’t help but add them as it’s always such a thrill to have a new book out.

·        Seeing the asteroid shower in the sky over the Shropshire hills.

·        Hearing my very young nephew counting to 100.

·        The smell of WD40 which always reminds me of my Dad.

·        Listening to music.

·        Being able to fine slice an onion again now my fingers are improving.

·        Writing.


I’ve looked at this list and wondered. I must have missed some things off. Perhaps next year I’ll keep a smile or laugh book so I recall more. I hope my list made you smile once or twice and let you recall some of your smiles and laughs from last year. Let me know a smile you remember and you could win a copy of Your Heart My Soul, a supernatural story that I know will make you smile.



Daisy Banks