Day 26 Take a deep breath and smile.

I wondered if some of you were feeling the same as me, rather overwhelmed with all the preparations for the Christmas holiday. It’s easy to get stressed out with all the arrangements, the organisation of cards, presents, food, family visits and not leave yourself time to enjoy the beauty or the fun of this season.

In the hope that if you are a little frazzled in the dip between Christmas day and New Year’s Eve, I thought I’d try to give you all a little bit of a laugh, so I picked some of these images to make you smile with your morning coffee or evening brew, depending on time zones. Relax, take a deep breath and smile.


Daisy Banks

history bauble

christmas sleigh                                 christmas_snowman


ecard Xmas book                                         where-naughty-girls-live

elves tree                                      givemebackmyarms


In all the day’s excitement, I forgot to tell you what you can claim as a giveaway prize. I am offering a double book prize of your choice from my book page for one comment on how to relax in the Christmas dash.