Day 21 Jennah Scott and Holiday joy.

 elf on a shelf

We got my daughter an Elf on the Shelf this year, and I’m learning really quickly how much joy it brings her and how much work it brings me! It’s amazing to see her face light up each morning when she runs around the house trying to find Rosey and see what the elf has been up to the night before.


Elf angel

It’s hard for me to come up with new ideas and then keep a straight face when she runs in the room and say, “Mom, you have to see what Rosey did last night.” 

elves tree

Then I’m reminded about how much fun it was when I was a kid and I woke up on Christmas morning, rushed downstairs to see what Santa brought, and dove into the presents. I have a feeling Rosey is a new addition to the Christmas season, and I hope that this is one tradition that will be passed down.

It’s easy to get caught up in the commercialism of Christmas, and over the past few years I’ve turned into quite the Scrooge, but this year is different. I’m excited for Christmas morning.

What about you? What reminds you of the joy of the holidays?

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Thanks for having me.


13 thoughts on “Day 21 Jennah Scott and Holiday joy.

  1. There is nothing better than the raw joy my kids have when it comes to Elf Jingle! Like the night he wrapped himself in their special wrapping paper while sitting next to the Christmas tree drinking hot chocolate with mini marshmallows in his special Santa cup straight from the North Pole! Of course the laughter coming from them when he kicked our Santa tree topper off the tree and took his spot or the night he didn’t quite make it back inside and stayed in the mailbox was pretty great as well. But I find my joy in being able to see the look on their face when they wake up EARLY Christmas morning so that WE (Mom, Dad, Brother) can see what they got us. My kids went to their kids holiday store at my son’s school and got to buy their own gifts with money they earned from doing chores around the house. As soon as we got home they were begging us to open our gifts because they were so excited to GIVE! That is the greatest gift to me…… My boys prove to me that they love stronger than most adults know how to. They show me that they know Christmas is a time for giving!
    Jingle is for sure a tradition in our family that will last many years! I can’t wait too see what he has in store over the next few days and then in years to come! I also hope that he becomes something that is passed down for many years to come!

  2. I live in New Zealand, Jenna, and with it being the peak of summer, what reminds me of the holidays is packing up to go camping. Christmas Day is always spent at home, but on Boxing Day, we’re off. The beach awaits, and lazy days spent relaxing on the sand. I can’t wait. The countdown is on. Merry Christmas to you and your family. I love the idea of the Elf on the Shelf. Your daughter is very lucky.

    • Spending time on the beach sounds wonderful! I’m currently looking out the window at a few inches of snow with ice underneath. Sun and sand is a whole lot more appealing.

      Merry Christmas to you too!

  3. Jenna, what a lovely idea for kids! I’d love to do this myself, but tell me more. I buy an elf and then put him into a precarious position somewhere in the house? Never heard of this before, but I have young kids, so still learning!

    • CD we found the Elf at Target. I’m pretty sure you can get them on Amazon as well. The Elf can be a girl or boy and comes with a book that has their story. It is such a great idea for kids!

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