Day 15 My guest today is Sotia Lazu.

I am thrilled to hand the blog over to warm and wonderful Sotia Lazu today. Welcome Sotia.

Christmas time has always been a favorite of mine. As soon as December rolls in, I get a bounce to my step. The air starts smelling different, fresher but with a hint of sugar, cinnamon, and magic.


I love Christmas food and Christmas desserts. I love old and modern ornaments, carolers of all ages, and Christmas songs. But most of all, I love seeing bags of all sizes under the tree and absolutely adore seeing people’s faces light up when they rip open the packaging and get a present that could only be meant for them.


That’s why a month before Christmas, I become a gift-hunting machine! I need to get each and every person in my life something that’s absolutely perfect for them. And I need to do it on a budget, since we’re a single income household. I unearth online deals of a lifetime, dig through thrift stores for lost treasures, and come up with brilliant do-it-yourself ideas.


This year, my list has grown. My sister is engaged, and I had to also look for something fitting for her fiancé, his parents, his sister, and his brother in law. That meant the budget per gift went down, and I wasn’t sure I’d manage.


I’m proud to say that I did! I went with something I’m sure they’ll all love (except for my sister, but she’ll get something else): BOOKS! I spent hours online looking for the perfect book for each and every one of them, and I’m super-excited about my decisions.


This holiday, get your loved ones a new world. Gift them with a universe of their own, in which they can experience an entire rainbow of emotions; learn about other cultures, become familiar with their own city or paranormal lore, or even try new recipes; and meet vampires, shifters, or everyday people who can show them life could be a little bit extraordinary.


If you want to be on my Christmas list, leave a Christmas-related comment to this entry, and one lucky commenter will win an electronic copy of each of my books. Yup, that’s all four of them!


Note: The books all include explicit sexual situations and are for Adults Only.


The Kiss_final






passionate paperback



Can’t wait to hear from you, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

I wish you all love, health, and all the happiness you deserve!


17 thoughts on “Day 15 My guest today is Sotia Lazu.

    • I’m glad you think my books look yummy, Shiloh 🙂
      I’d love to get a Kindle for Christmas, but the drawback of eBooks as pressies is that most people around here don’t consider them actual books. Greece is still very much into paperbacks.

  1. Sotia, it is so admirable that you take such time for each person. No rush job and picking something up in an aisle as you pass. That says loads right there. Love your book covers and and have added you to my TBR pile. Happy Christmas!

    • Thank you 🙂 I think I’m still a five year old deep inside. Presents will always mean a lot to me and always need to be special, even if my hubby keeps saying we should go for practical things now on.
      Glad you liked my covers (especially since I made them myself :P) and thank you for adding me to your TBR pile!
      Happy Christmas to you and yours!

  2. I am much like you Sotia – I love to find the perfect gift for someone even if it isn’t on their “list”. There is nothing more satisfying to see or to receive (my Mom has done this to me a few times) than the perfect gift. Something you didn’t even know you wanted or needed that after that moment becomes your favorite thing EVER! And managing it on the budget is the bestest part!

    I am jealous of some lucky person here – I only have (and have read) two of those four books. 😀

    • We don’t really do present lists here, so the easy way out isn’t an option anyway. Tehehe.
      You’re totally right. Just the look on their faces is enough to make my Christmas! (that and the pair of shoes I think my hubby is getting me this year. LOL)

  3. My all time favourite present is a book. It’s something I love,having been brought up surrounded by them. The knowledge obtained from a single Encyclopaedia thrilled us when we were younger and my children’s inheritance from my mother was the love of books too. Well done, Sotia, it’s a fabulous idea, one that can be used time and time and time again. Merry Christmas. 🙂

    • I was also brought up surrounded by books and still love our first encyclopedia. When classes ended every summer, my mom would buy me five books of my choosing. I remember always going for the biggest, thickest ones because I wanted them to last. My husband is in love with reading too, and I hope our son inherits that.

      Have a very merry Christmas, Diane! 🙂

    • I understand this too. I used to visit our local lending library. I was allowed six books, one week the whole group of six was so heavy my dad had to come pick me up
      in the car as I couldn’t carry them home. I did read them all.

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