Day 9 The Christmas Tree.

The Christmas tree — it’s a man thing.


Perhaps it is a cliché, but I have to tell you the choosing of the Christmas tree in our household is and always has been a ‘man’ thing.

Before we were actually married, while we shared a house with several other people, my DH provided me with an exquisite Christmas tree. As to where he got that first one, it is perhaps best you don’t ask, but knowing my love for Christmas trees he made sure I had one. And, my goodness, it was a fine example, perfect in all respects other than it was about three foot too tall for the room it would have to stand in.

Big Xmas Tree


As I had a good idea of the trouble he’d gone to in his efforts to acquire this gem, I didn’t say anything and merely held the base when he loped some off the top. Eventually, after some sawing the treetop left enough space for the fairy to brush the ceiling. A little later, when we’d added the baubles, tinsel, fairy on the top and the chocolate treats, the tree looked wonderful.

Skip along three years and DH and I were married and in our first little (please note the word little) house, excited to celebrate another Christmas together. So, yes off he went and got the tree.

I think the hardest thing to try to convince any man is that truly, in the Christmas tree stakes, size doesn’t matter. I’m still working on it. Every year, and that’s quite a few now, my beloved brings me colossal and monumental trees more suited to the local manor house or some castle hall than our home. I have gently tried to explain several times, but always the third week in December when he is about to purchase our tree, I see the gleam in his eye and know some time that Saturday afternoon will be spent loping and hacking.

small xmas tree

Right sized of tree!

However, once decked with glitz and glisten, somehow the magic of Christmas finds its way into our home. I know this year things won’t be any different, and I hope you too find the special Christmas spell weaving happiness for you.

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  1. i hate to tell you this because you’ll think i’m crackers, but we’ve have our four-foot fake tree up for nearly two years now. Or cat Gen. Tasker H. Bliss died in January 2012 after a long battle with kidney failure. We were so heartbroken we left the tree standing and once in a while we’d turn on the lights to cheer us. up. Well guess what? It’s that time of year again and we are already ready to go! One of these days we’ll pack it up… if we can just find where to put it!

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