Day one of the Daisy Banks Christmas Blog.

Advent blog post image.Welcome to you. The idea of this month long blog is to have a little pre-Christmas and post-Christmas fun. A generous group of authors have volunteered to post here to entertain you, and in the true sense of the chocolate loaded December Calendars my children always enjoyed, there will be goodies every day.

This day I am offering one free copy of A Gentleman’s Folly in return for a comment about a Christmas gift shopping experience you have had.

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My Christmas gift shopping experience is one that dates back to when I had a holiday job in my last year at school. This was the first year I had the chance to buy more than token Christmas gifts for my family with my own money. I’d left my shopping late because I needed to wait for my wages.

Payday was the day before Christmas Eve. I finished work at one o’clock, and as I opened the door to the street, snow started to fall from a very dark sky. The thick, feathery flakes continued to fall through pools of golden light from the shop fronts.  The snow settled quickly, and I trudged through a winter world blanketing the High Street, shopping for gifts for my family. My hometown is quite small, but in this era, there were still enough shops to have a reasonable choice of gifts for everyone.

I do find it odd that whenever I think about Christmas shopping, this is the memory to come to me before any others. Perhaps it’s because the snow falling added something magical to my experience, maybe it’s because having enough money to buy gifts felt special too. None of the things I purchased that year cost a great deal; most were items I knew people needed or wanted, and yet I recall arriving home with the deepest sense of satisfaction, along with very snowy boots. I have almost all of my Christmas shopping complete this year but not wrapped. I’ll be doing battle with the tape and Christmas paper later this week.

Tomorrow’s blog guest is the fabulous Sofia Grey. Do drop by. Today’s prize is one copy of A Gentleman’s Folly


Today’s prize is one copy of A Gentleman’s Folly


12 thoughts on “Day one of the Daisy Banks Christmas Blog.

  1. Hi, Daisy! I enjoyed your blog. While I dislike Christmas shopping with all of the erratic parking, shoving and vying for the same item in the store, I’ve become a fan of Cyber Shopping. Bring on Cyber Monday! Thanks for posting. I look forward to reading more blogs.

  2. I have so many great memories of shopping and Christmas shopping. My mom and I always used to shop together and turn it into a day of adventure. One time (and one time only) I managed to drag my husband Black Friday shopping with me because I wanted a laptop, the first one I ever bought. He said he’d never do it again but admits it wasn’t so bad waiting in line. That was back when Black Friday shopping was still sane, LOL!

    • Hi Mae Clair, thanks so much for sharing this experience. Black Friday has only just begun in the UK and already fist fights have been reported.
      I stayed home. It’s good to know at one time it meant waiting to pay for your goods rather than anything else.

  3. My shopping memories are tied to shopping the day after Thanksgiving with my mom. The first year we went we had the intention of spending very little money, we were just going to check out the sales and do some people watching. Six hours later we walked away with two cars full of presents and twice as much money spent as we planned. But it was fun, and I’ll never forget the look on my hubby’s face when I it took me three trips to get all the bags inside.

  4. My first ‘grown-up’ Christmas shopping experience stands out too. My high heeled boots, although pretty, were entirely unsuited to a day walking through city streets. Gah! I still remember how much my feet hurt – and I could never wear those boots again, lol.

  5. My shopping experience comes from the Mall management side. I used be a marketing director at an enclosed shopping center and the day after Thanksgiving was always crazy. The mall’s management team passed out donuts to the stores by 7:30 because they’d be too busy to step out of the shop for food. Pushing cargo carts through the masses of people wasn’t easy, but the smiles of the store employees made it worth the effort. It was a great tradition for kicking the holiday season off.

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