December goodies to look forward to.

Today I have decided to let you know some of the exciting things on the blog for December. My Advent Calendar will run from the 1st of December to the 31st and there are many guests to look forward to. Each guest is offering a giveaway book or some prize. You can have a chance of winning by commenting on their blog. As you can see there are three slots left and these I am hoping to fill with guests for that week.

I do hope this list of names leaves you as excited about December as I feel. Some of the posts have already begun to come in, ready for me to set up, and I have to say, they are super.

Here is a list of my December guests.

1st. Me                     2nd. Sofia Grey            3rd Rosanna Leo            4th jj Keller        5th Me

6th  Diane Saxon     7th Mae Clair                 8th Kimber Vale              9th Me              10th Joanne Wandsworth

11th Me                   12th Allyson Lindt         13th Virginnia De Partie  14th Haley Whitehall

15th Sotia Lazu       16th Me                         17th Cd Brennan             18th Sara-Jayne Townsend

19th M.S. Kaye       20th Heather Hand        21st Jennah Scott            22nd. Me

23rd Venus Cahill   24th Liza O’Connor        25th Me                            26th Me             27th Layne MacAdam

28th                         29th                               30th                                 31st Me

Best wishes

Daisy Banks Xx