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Today the Lyrical Press First Frosts Anthology is available from Amazon. This is a free read from Lyrical with stories from some of their wonderful authors. The anthology is strictly through Amazon so you will have to go here to find a copy. At the time of writing this, Amazon does have a cost attached to this collection of stories. I have been told that will be removed later today, depending on which time zone you are in. The anthology is meant to be FREE so don’t try to purchase it, simply revisit Amazon later in the day.

Here is the link! I’ll update it later today if necessary.

One element in my story in the anthology Keep The Fire Burning is devastation from a natural cause, an

earthquake. Presently the Philippines is suffering from the huge devastation caused by the Typhoon that hit a few days ago. I do hope no one minds but I’ve put links up to take you to the Red Cross Donation sites for both the UK and America, those of you from Australia, New Zealand, central Europe and Scandinavia might have to find different ways to donate.

Do drop by the blog on Thursday where I’ll have some super news to share with you about several things. I’ll also be giving you dates of guest bloggers who’ll be appearing here in November.


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