Bacon and Beer Cheesecake

Bacon and beer cheesecake.


          If you follow me on twitter @DaisyBanks12 you may have seen mention of this dish, which began as a joke. I was told it didn’t exist and was probably best left that way.

So, of course I had to make one just to show it was possible. This is the result of the experiment.

A note of caution, if you want to copy the recipe its one that is fairly ad-hoc, see what you think.


I started with twelve oatcakes for the base and squished them to crumbs. I added a dollop of melted butter and mixed well. This went into a lined dish.


I pan fried four cut up slices of smoked bacon making sure lots of scrumptious brown bits formed in the pan. I put the cooked pieces of bacon on top of the crumb base.

For the cheesecake I used one tub of cottage cheese and a round of Mozzarella I happened to have in the fridge and crumbled it into the cottage cheese. I stirred in a couple of twists of black pepper and a teaspoon of Dijon mustard.


I added three whisked eggs and one egg white to the mix.


To add in the beer element I chose a very flavourful dark beer. I added this to the bacon pan and also a spoonful of honey. I boiled it to make a reduction. The aroma was fabulous. I spooned some of this onto the bacon and then put the cheesecake mix on top and sprinkled it with about two ounce of grated extra strong cheddar cheese.
I cooked the cheese cake in a moderate oven for just about an hour.


I used what was left of the beer and bacon reduction on the top of the cheesecake and then let it cool. The result was an amazing taste explosion of savoury yumminess. It tasted great still warm, yes, I couldn’t wait to try it. The flavour was just as good cold. 

I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys savoury tastes. Maybe served with a fresh green salad and some olives, with of course a glass of your favourite tipple.

So, bacon and beer cheesecake now exists and you know how to make it.


Daisy Banks. Xx


8 thoughts on “Bacon and Beer Cheesecake

  1. What are oatcakes? Is that a cookie or a cracker – most desert cheesecakes are made with a graham wafer or some type of sweet cookie crust. But I have had savory cheesecakes too. The mozzarella you used – was it fresh in a ball or a package? Last question – is Porter a specific type of beer that I can buy? If not and you had to describe the beer to someone in a liquor store to buy it what would you say?

    Thanks Daisy – I saved the recipe and want to make my own version. 🙂

    • Hi Heather
      good luck if you make the dish. I would suggest putting all the cheesecake mix in a food mixer with the eggs
      I think you’ll get a smoother mixture than I got that way. Or use one of those electric stir stick things.
      Oat cakes are a savoury kind of biscuit made from oats. Its a scottish thing, but they are healthier than normal
      crackers. If you can’t get oat cakes you could try plain digestive biscuits, but not the sweet sort.
      My Mozzarella was a ball kind but wet in a pack as we can buy them here. I only used it as it was in the fridge but
      it did add a texture to the cheese mix. Most of the cheese flavour came from the Cheddar cheese I used. You need
      very well matured Cheddar cheese.
      Porter is a specific type of beer, its very heavily flavoured brown been. If you can’t get Porter any dark beer like
      Guiness would work. You could try a spoon of maple syrup instead of honey. I only used the honey to get a thicker reduction in the
      Do let me know how you get on with the dish and of course if you experiment with extra flavours and things that would be fabulous.
      Daisy Xx

  2. oh my gosh daisy this looks great! I’m going to have to make this but of course our cheese and bacon are a bit different and we don’t have oatcakes. but i know some ex-pats that will help and that beer looks lovely!!

    • Oh, my. I read this and worried so much. All the ingredients are historic and have been in existence for some time.
      Yes, the beer was lovely. I’ll be buying more of that one as it has an incredibly rich flavour.

  3. I had never thought… cheese cake here is a dessert. I was afraid ole Daisy had finally lost her mind. Appaently you are now a frech chef! congrats on the new dish, I expect it for dinner one night!

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