Forthcoming guests and news about December.

A warm welcome to the new followers who have joined. It is a pleasure to have you following the blog.

Today I have a list of guest bloggers for November to tempt you and some news about an event in December.

November’s guest bloggers are

Jennifer McConnel on the 16th.

Pippa Jay on the 19th.

Robin Boisseau on the 22nd.

You will find me blogging here twice weekly too and on the 10th of November I am looking forward to becoming one of Cd Brennan’s Nuts on her Sunday blog. I’ll post you a link closer to the day.

On the 11th of November Lyrical Press releases the First Frost Anthology and you’ll be able to read my story Keep The Fire Burning in that. I’ll be posting a link for you to get a copy.


In December you can look forward to Daisy’s Advent Calender as in the run up to Christmas and beyond to New Year I will be blogging daily with lots of guests to help me along. There will be some give aways too. Exciting!

Many thanks to those of you who take the time to comment on the blogs and to those of you who stop by and read.

Best Wishes

Daisy Banks Xx


2 thoughts on “Forthcoming guests and news about December.

  1. sounds like fun! and I am happy to see you’ve not blown away. Here in the US the storm was barely covered. I have been following on the WWW and it seems to have done plenty of damage, but could have been so much worse.
    keeping an eye out for those links.

    • Thank you, Sunny.
      The storm certainly had some devastating impacts in the south of England and I can only offer condolences to those families who
      suffered deaths becasue of it. Here in Shropshire there were trees down and some road closures and lost power for a while but it could
      have been much worse.
      As to the December blogs, yes they will be fun. There will be more information soon and I have to say its going to be a bit exciting.

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