Day 18 Tea and gossip

Time for tea.

If you look on the blog pages you will find a whole new page concerning tea. There is also an invite to share tea recipes.

I do hope you enjoy the new page and it will be up on the blog indefinitely to enable readers to share their teatime favourites.

And Gossip.

As an answer to a special request:

Members of the Knights of St Francis were gathered by personal request. If you look at the name list you will see why.

This is not a group of who had nothing but wenches on their mind Their lending library makes interesting reading.


Regarding: What did they worship?

Remember this is the 18th century and the time of the revival of Greek myths and legends, all those ‘Dancing shepherd’s come away.’

This notion gained from the European tour altered more than everyday fashion. If you consider 18th and early 19th century poetry you will find more thoughts on this.


Women in the club:

Women were invited to participate. Some were paid courtesans. Do remember to be a courtesan in the 18th century was to hold a role of some importance. The women in the order of St. Francis of Wycombe came from the elite and many had political minds.

Some female members were wives to the male members. In the chambers of the monastery those ties were void and a woman could, because of her masked disguise, pick a partner from those attending the meeting.


And finally:

Was it all about sex?

My wholehearted answer is no. This was something more than a ‘knocking shop’. The members were invited because they had intelligence and wit, capability and places of office.Though sexual activty certainly had a place in the meetings, members also read, discussed issues of the day, and entertained others too.


I do hope that I have not given any readers the idea that the Knights of St Francis were anything more than a group of experimental intellectuals who enjoyed the ‘company’ of beautiful and intelligent women.



8 thoughts on “Day 18 Tea and gossip

    • Thanks Gemma. I have a couple of posts in mind. I’m looking forward to writing about the Lunar Society. I do want to try to focus on the story too. The 30th is getting closer.

  1. It will be interesting to see how you weave this fascinating history into your story, Daisy. And great idea about the tea page. In the last few years I’ve become a coffee drinker (thanks to Keurig) but I still love the occasional cup of tea.Jasmine is my favorite. Unfortunately, caffeine and I do not interact well, so I’m limited in those I can enjoy.

    • Well, I hope I don’t disappoint. I’ve tried to have the history as the wallpaper behind the individuals. I hope I pulled it off.
      I like Jasmine tea too. Thanks for dropping by.

    • Hi Sunny, I hope the history is just part of the background to the book. Like in real life, history is happening all around us
      but we don’t very often acknowledge it. The research I did was to make the world the characters live in realistic and true to
      their era. The key focus is the romance between them.

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